Kapitan Korsakov

Kapitan Korsakov — dangerously abbreviated to KKK — are back!

After taking a break to focus on his other band Raketkanon, Pieter-Paul Devos (vocals / guitar) gathered his bandmates Pieter Van Mullem (bass) and Sigfried Burroughs (drums) to go camping in Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios and record the successor of the latest Kapitan Korsakov album “Stuff & Such” (2012).

Physical Violence Is The Least Of My Priorities is recorded and mixed by kindred spirit Steve Albini and show Kapitan Korsakov at their best: an eclectic mix of uncompromised noiserock, catchy melodies bathing in a mudpool of distorted sounds and heartbreaking songs.

There are no genres in music. There is only good, sincere music and there is bad music, says frontman Pieter-Paul Devos.

Honest songwriting, authenticity and disregarding all things fashionable are Kapitan Korsakov’s trademarks. Quite the relief in times of mediocre radio-pollution.

La Jungle

Six strings on a guitar, a casio keyboard and a drumkit. Add in a few breaks and three chords and you don’t need much more to raise the temperature in a room. That’s something that Jim and Reggie have clearly understood as they apply that famous 1 + 1 = 3 equation to their distorted math/kraut/trans-rock.

The utter frenzy that their music delivers is accompanied by metallic riffs, huge waves of noise and storms of toms and cymbals all lead by a stroboscope. Here, rock goes back to its primitive and primal core. Let yourself be taken away by these two ginger headed monkeys to their natural habitat: La Jungle!

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